Complete the sentences using the verbs on the right in past simple. 1) We had dinner at a cafe and ____ vegetable pizza.

Mz friend Al____ tomato juice, but l didn`t. 2) After lunch we____to the park where we___and____football. 3) Yesterday l___a lot of tngs. l___a letter,____my mum to cook dinner,____a book to my little broher and _____my cjusin at the cinema.
30 июня

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отвечает Зимина Надежда
03 июля
1) We had dinner at a cafe and ate vegetable pizza. My friend Al drank tomato juice, but l didn't. 2) After lunch we went to the park where we walked and played football. 3) Yesterday l did a lot of things. l wrote a letter, helped my mum to cook dinner, read a book to my little brother and met my cousin at the cinema.

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