Choose the correct preposition . I have studied English ___ three years . a)since b)for c)in 2)I think I'm good ___English

a)in. b)at. c)on 3)I am interested___ all the subjects. a)in. b)on. c)about 4)We study ___ school on 115 a)on. b)about. c)in 5)There are many places ___ interest in my town a)of. b)about. c)in 6) I rely greatly ___my friends a)for. b)on c)in 7)And I care a)about b)for c)to them 8)my palfriend lives __ the country a)for b)at c)in 9)I often write letters __him every month a)about b)for c)to 10)I always look forward __getting letters from him a)at b)for c)to
07 июля

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отвечает Беляков Вячеслав
10 июля
1) I have studied English for three years. 2) I think I'm good at English. 3) I am interested in all the subjects. 4) We study in school No 115. 5) There are many places of interest in my town. 6) I rely greatly on my friends. 7) And I care for them. 8) My penfriend lives in the country. 9) I often write letters to him every month. 10) I always look forward to getting letters from him.

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