Chose one of the statements and develop the idea 1)english is the language of our planet 2)each language has its own

history 3)the are a lot of things you can do to learn a foreign language 4)language learning is great fun 5)practice makes perfect 6)trough hardship to the starts 7)it is useful to learn foreign languages
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English is the language of international communication. It eases communication between people of different countries. Many nations speak English from their birth: Americans, Canadians, Englishmen, Australians, New Zealanders and Indians. The structure of English language is not that complicated comparing to many other languages. People learn English all over the world for traveling, studying, doing business and making friends with people from other cultures. Therefore, English is the language of our planet. Even though today technological development offers very sophisticated portable devices which translate writing and speech in real time, ability to speak English is still almost a must-have skill of modern successful people. Thus, education system in many countries implies teaching population English language starting from kindergarten level.

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