1.Their garden is about 18 metres ------ a. high b.long. c.big 2.Im the-----member of my family a.tallest b.taller c.highest

3.I think this is------beautiful beach on the south coast a.more b.most c.the most 4.Your art project is------than mine a.best b.better c.the worst 5.The weather's awful! Yes but it isn't as-------as yestarday a.bad b.worse c.worst 6.I think Mrs Thomas is the -----teacher in the school.She's really nice. a.good b.better c.best
28 августа

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отвечает Евгения Егорова
29 августа
1. Their garden is about 18 meters high (a). 2. I’m the tallest member of my family (a). 3. I think this is the most beautiful beach on the south coast (c). 4. Your art project is better than mine (b). 5. The weather's awful! Yes, but it isn't as bad as yesterday (a). 6. I think Mrs Thomas is the best teacher in the school. She's really nice (c).

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