1. My friend ______(to read) a book. 2. I _____(to drink) tea. 3. They _____(to make) noise. 4. He ______(to look) through

the window. 5. She ______(not to help) about the house. 6. We __________(not to watch) TV. 7. Granny _______(not to cook) dinner. 8. ____The birds ___(to swim) in the lake? 9. ___The dog ____( tot sit) at the door? 10. ___It _____(to look) at me?
31 июля

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отвечает Авдеева Лида
31 июля
1. My friend is reading a book. 2. I am drinking tea. 3. They are making noise. 4. He is looking through the window. 5. She is not helping about the house. 6. We are not watching TV. 7. Granny is not cooking dinner. 8. Are the birds swimming in the lake? 9. Is the dog sitting at the door? 10. Is it looking at me?

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