Перепишите следующие вопросы в косвенной речи. 1) ­­Can I have some more pocket money? – The boy asked _____________________________________.

2) Where were you born? – She asked him _____________________________________. 3) How far is the stadium? – He wanted to know _________________________________________. 4) Are you still living in London? – She asked _________________________________. 5) Do you work in the central branch or in the provinces? – She asked him __________________________. 6) Are you going to give me the money or not? – She wanted to know _________________________________. 7) Did he bring the book back? – I didn’t know _____________________________. 8) Who bought the Picasso painting? – He wondered _______________________________. 9) When did you get such a lovely pullover? – She asked her sister ____________________________. 10) Is this restaurant expensive? – She asked her fiancé _________________________. 11) Why were you crying? – They asked _____________________.
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отвечает Филатова Людмила
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The boy asked whether he could have some more pocket money. She asked him where he had been born. He wanted to know how far the stadium was. She asked whether he was still living in London. She asked him whether he worked in the central branch or in the provinces. She wanted to know whether he was going to give her the money or not. I didn’t know whether he had brought the book back. He wondered who had bought the Picasso painting. She asked her sister when she had got such a lovely pullover. She asked her fiancé whether this restaurant was expensive. They asked why she had been crying.

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