Определите время:Future Simple, Future Progressive, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Progressive or Future-in-the-Past.

1.Sit down and fasten your seat belt.Will take off in a few minutes. 2.OK.By this time tomorrow you will have raked all fallen leaves and will have burnt them. 3.So, you're off for a holiday tomorrow.What time will you be leaving? 4.Everybody knows will be having a meeting on ecological problems next Friday at 4 o'clock. 5.My granny will have retired by the year 2015. 6.They asked me if I would come on time. 7.By this time next week I will have been working on this project gor a year. 8.I like the idea of planting trees in our locatily. Will participate in this project. 9.If industries produce less harmful waste, there would be less acid rain. 10They will have completed the new recycling factory by the end of the year. 11.Do you realise that next year will have been living in this house for twenty years?
14 февраля

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отвечает Иванова Виктория
14 февраля
1) Will take off - Future Simple. 2) Will have raked, will have burnt - Future Perfect. 3) Will be leaving - Future Progressive. 4) Will be having - Future Progressive. 5) Will have retired - Future Perfect. 6) Would come - Future-in-the-Past. 7) Will have been working - Future Perfect Progressive. 8) Will participate - Future Simple. 9) Would be - Future-in-the-Past. 10) Will have completed - Future Perfect. 11) Will have been living - Future Perfect Progressive.

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