написать рассказ по английскому "почему проводить время с семьёй лучше чем с друзьями" . Доказать это. 10предложений

23 сентября

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отвечает Кондратьев Олег
03 октября
Friendship plays a very important role in everyone's life, no doubt, but family should always be on the 1st place. First of all, you can have lots of friends during your life, and the family is the only one. Friends can interchange one another, can betray you in a very important moment, but your family members will always support you, no matter how wrong you behave. Your family is always on your side. They are your nearest and dearest. Your Mom and Dad become older and older each day, so don't miss the opportunity to spend time with them and to improve the relationships. Your relatives should be your best friends.

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