Classify the items in the list of job requirements according to the categories in the diagram. • Choose from the list

below and add your own ideas. Job requirements 1 a sharp mind 2 ambition 3 creativity 4 numeracy and literacy 5 artistic ability 6 dedication 7 administrative skills 8 individuality 9 initiative 10 ability to work to tight deadlines 11 physical strength 12 teamwork skills 13 leadership 14 ability to work under pressure 15 flexibility
Артемьев Арсений
22 июля

Ответ или решение

отвечает Харитонов Никита
22 июля

Abilities: artistic ability, ability to work to tight deadlines, ability to work under pressure.
Qualities: a sharp mind, ambition, creativity, dedication, individuality, initiative, physical
strength, leadership, flexibility.
Skills: numeracy and literacy, administrative skills, teamwork skills.

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