а) Какие примеры предложений обозначают: 1 I’ve known her since primary school. 2 We’ve already seen that film. 3 He’s

been reading for two hours. 4 She has broken her arm. She has a cast. 5 I have been going to that cafe for 20 years. b) Заполни карточку формами глаголов present perfect simple или continuous. Dear Diary I'm really enjoying myself at camp. So far I 1) ... (meet) two boys, Mike and Tim, and a girl Jasmine. They're really nice. We 2) ... (work) together on a science project for the last two days. Tim 3) ... (come) to Education Camp since he was 6 so he helps us out all the time. I'm exhausted because we 4) ... (swim) all morning. Anyway, got to go. I 5) ... (join) the drama club and we've got a meeting now.
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17 августа

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17 августа

1. Action which started in the past and continues to the present. — Действие, которое началось в прошлом и продолжается в настоящее время.

2. Action which took place some time in the past. — Действие, которое произошло в прошлом некоторое время назад.

3. The length of an action. — Длительное действие.

4. The result of an action. — Результат какого-то действия.

5. A repeated action. — Многократно повторявшееся действие.
1) have met;
2) have been working;
3) has been coming;
4) have been swimming;
5) have joined.

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