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34) Do you see the man over there? I’m sure he ...to take this bus. a) is planning b) plans c) planned d) would plan

35) At three o’clock this morning, Betty ... a) studied b) was studying c) had studied d) has been studying 36) Hello, Steve. What... in this part of New York? a) do you do b) are you doing c) have you done d) had you done 37) Tom ...dinner when his friend called, a) has eaten b) ate c) was eating d) would have eaten 38) Jane and Eugene ...along a country road when they saw a deer over there. a) were driving b) drove c) had driven d) have driven 39) Kate met her husband while he ...in the bank, a) work b) works c) has worked d) was working 40) My mother ...in the same house since 1996 and is going to live there. a) has lived b) lived c) was living d) is living 41) We ...our compositions yet. a) had written b) haven`t written c) wrote d) write 42) Mr. Black ...in the bank for thirty years and he is not planning to retire yet. a) worked b) has worked c) works d) is working 43) After Lilly ...her clothes, she began to study, a) had washed b) washed c) was washing d) washes

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