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1) You ( not to take) a shower right now. 2) They ( to have) lunch now? 3) Cathy ( to get up) at the moment. 4) His aunt

( to wake up) now. 5) Peggy ( to do) his homework now. 6) Mary ( not to go) for a walk now. 7) I ( not to make) the bed now. 8) We ( not to go) to the zoo now. 9) Dan ( not read) a book now. 10. You ( to have) breakfast now. 11. Her grandmother (not to make) the bed now. 12.Kate and Jack( to go) to the cinema now? 13.Tim (to come) home now. 14. My parents ( to go shopping) right now. 15.Ann ( not to go) to school now. 16.They ( not to get up) now. 17. I ( to dress) at the moment. 18. His aunt ( not to wash up) now. Выберите правильный вариант: 1)Его папа работает в банке. A) His dad works in a bank. B) His dad work in a bank. C) His dad is working in a bank. D) His dad working in a bank. 2) Где ты катаешься на коньках? A) Where you skate? B) Where do you skate? C) Where are you skating? D) Where you skating? 3) Что ты сейчас читаешь? A) What do you read now? B) What you read now? C) What do you reading now? D) What are you reading now? 4) Ник всегда кормит животных. A) Nick often feeds animals. B) Nick always feeds animals. C) Nick is always feeds animals. D) Nick is often feeding animals. 5) Мы не поем каждый день. A) We are not singing every day. B) We do not sing every day. C) We not sing every day. D) We does not sing every day. 6) Tы что-то пишешь? A) Do you write? B) Are you writing? C) You writing? D) You are writing? УМАЛЯЮ ПОМОГИТЕ ПЛИИИИИИС

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